Support Silver

What Is Silver Level Support?

Support When You Need It
Support When You Need It

Support When And Where You Need It.  Any website we develop we will support.  We will never leave you “in the dark” wondering how you are going to get your website up and going again.

Just be aware of this:

♦ HTML/WordPress/e-Commerce Hosting

♦ POP and IMAP email hosting

♦ Nominal monthly fee

♦ Support Within 3 Business Days

♦ Questions and answers by email only

♦ Quarterly backups retained

♦ Medium sized websites.

For nominal charge, you can know that things are OK.   We will visit your website once every 3 months (per quarter), and report to you anything problems which need repair.

The easiest no cost solution is simply to restore the website with the previous backup, made 3 months ago.

With your written permission, we will do this at no extra charge.

The downside is any information added during that 3 month period is lost.  This could be customer feedback, blog entries, photo or video media updates.


What If I Maintain The Website Myself?

There is only one thing to be aware of:  Any content that you change will be lost if we have to reinstall your website from a backup.

That’s because we only backup and retain a quarterly copy of any website done with Silver level support.

What About Email From My Domain?

I have a domain called  I would to receive email from  How  can I do this?

The answer is simple, Silver level support includes e-mail services which allow you to receive email to a POP3 or IMAP account in Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other e-mail app you like.

We will configure and support Outlook, and Thunderbird only, Windows, or Mac.

What Is the Difference Between POP and IMAP email?

POP email is downloaded and stored on your local computer.  If you download and store the email on 3 different computers, then 3 versions of your email history exist.  If you receive an email to one computer, and not to the others before the email is removed from the server, than you have at least 2 different email histories.

After a certain amount of time, the email on the server is removed and no longer available. If you don’t backup your computer, then you could lose your email history.