Support Platinum

What Is Platinum Level Support?

Support Any Time And All The Time
Support All The Time And Any Time

Platinum Level support is required for mission critical websites which your business absolutely depends upon.  They must be available all time 24/7/365.  For a monthly fee,  you can have a virtual website engineer available in your office day or night. Under this plan, we will visit your website to make sure that everything is working OK and fix any small problems that occur.

Just be aware of this:

♦ HTML/WordPress/e-Commerce Hosting

♦ Modifications included

♦ POP and IMAP email hosting

♦ SMTP email sending

♦ Monthly fee

♦ Support Within 1 Business Hour

♦ Questions and answers by phone and email and SMS

♦ Daily/Hourly backups retained

♦ Mission critical websites.

For applicable monthly charge, you can know that things are OK.   We will visit your website once per day/hour, and report to you anything problems which need repair.

The easiest no cost solution is simply to restore the website with the most recent backup.

With your written permission, we will do this at no extra charge.

How Much Do You Charge?

Platinum level support is charge based on a variety factors.  Basically, the more complex and mission critical the site, the more we charge.

♦ Recommended for Blogging and Social Network sites.

♦ Required for e-Commerce solutions based upon number of:

♦ Items for sale (SKU count)

♦ Customers

♦ Sales per day.

♦ Payment Gateways

♦ Priced according to the size of the website.

♦ The larger the site the more expensive the support.

When Is My Website Checked?

As the size of the website increases, so does complexity of support and “keeping it going?” Options are available to maintain and backup your on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. The more frequent the backup, the easier the restoration process it.

What If I Maintain The Website Myself?

At the Platinum Level of support, self-maintained customer websites are not possible.  Due to the complexity of websites of this nature, this makes more problems than are simply worthwhile trying to overcome.

For any simple changes you want made to your website, simply call us or email us and indicate what you want!  Small changes to the website are included in the Gold level support monthly fee.

What About Email From My Domain?

I have a domain called  I would to receive email from  How  can I do this?

The answer is simple, Platinum level support includes e-mail services which allow you to receive email to a POP3 or IMAP account in Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other e-mail app you like.

We will configure and support for Windows, or Mac.