Platform WordPress

What Is WordPress?

Used By 20% Of The Web
Used By 20% Of The Web

WordPress is the most popular website hosting option used today.  About 20% of websites worldwide use WordPress.  The basic WordPress system both open source and absolutely free.

Open source means that any security problem can be found by just about anyone and fixed immediately.  That gives is great security.

Absolutely free means that anyone can download the latest version of WordPress and begin using it immediately.

What Makes WordPress So Great?

A WordPress site can be made to look almost anyway you want.  Desktop, Tablet or iPhone, regardless of screen size, you site is virtually guaranteed to look great.

Just a few items which allows this flexibility:

♦ Photo Galleries

♦ Video Clips

♦ Themes

♦ Plugins

♦ Responsive Design

What Is Responsive Design?

Any WordPress website we make will take into consideration responsive design.  This ensures that the website will look great on a Desktop, Notebook, Tablet, iPhone, or Android device.  As the screen size gets smaller, the individual page items automatically rearrange themselves to make sure they are still visible.   Nothing gets cut off to the left or right to make sure that all your content is visible all the time.

Where Do You Get Themes and Plugins?

Some themes and plugins can cause problems for your websites.

We use ONLY source our themes and plugs from:

♦ WordPress home site at

♦ Envato Marketplace at


These are the only places we source them.

Why WordPress.Org? is the home site of WordPress and supplies all the updates and security patches necessary to run it.  Its is primarily a source of free plugins and themes.  Any theme or plugin downloads from here is guaranteed to be virus and malware free.

Generally, we will only use a free plugin or theme which has at least 10,000 downloads and copies in use, which ensures that it will be updated on a regular basis.  A large number of downloads does not guarantee a better plugin or theme.

Why The Envato Marketplace?

The Envato Marketplace is home to the world’s largest collation of commercial paid themes and plugins.  While they are a paid site, the quality of their work is second to none and usually a fraction of the cost of similar themes or plugins elsewhere.  One of their key selling feature is any item purchased from them receives unlimited updates without further payment.  Any theme or plugin downloads from here is guaranteed to be virus and malware free.

Which Is Better, Free or Paid?

We carefully consider and choose which themes and plugins we support. Given the choice between a free and a paid plugin, we will always chose the free one, why not?  A paid plugin must provide significant functions not available in a free one.

What Type Of Sites Are Best For WordPress?

Almost any site can be constructed using WordPress:

♦ A 5 page simple company site.

♦ A more complex site with customer feed back, sliding graphics and video.

♦ Entry-level e-Commerce for small and medium sized online stores.