Welcome To Zite!

We Are Web Hosting And Design Company With A Big Difference:

We Listen!

Who Do We Listen To?
You The Customer!
What Do We Hear?
What ever the customer says.
When Do We Hear You?
Right Now!


Business Idea To Website Reality

We will help you to capture your business idea as the central theme of your website.
Once we know what you want, the website will be built exactly according to your specifications.
Did we get it right? If not, we will try again and again until you are satisfied.


Website Story: The Nuts and Bolts

What is in a name? Basically, everything! Be very careful of the name you choose, you will have it for a long time.
What do I say? Just tell your story as you understand it. No one knows your busiess better than you. Choose few key photos of your business site, products, or services.
A photo is worth a thousand words. Make sure to pick your photos carefully!
How do I say it? Don't worry about it! That's where we come in. We will listen to your story and present it in a professional and appealing fashion.
Get searched for and found! The greatest work of art is of no use if nobody can see it.
Almost finished! We will host and support your site according the level of support you choose. No matter what, you website will always work!


Platforms For Every Need

Mainly for simple webites needed yesterday that won't break the bank.
Word Press
More complex websites with lots of pages, photos, and video.
The most complex sites we do. Sell your goods and services online, over the internet, locally, nationally, and worldwide.


Support For Every Budget

For smaller and less business-critical websites, bronze level support gives good value for money.
Many websites need at bit more attention and care. Silver support gives that little bit extra required.
Mission critical websites, like e-Commerce, simply cannot be allowed to fail. Gold support goes the extra mile to keep them up and runnng.