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Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple

We have been building websites since 1999.  In that time , we have learned a few things:

♦ The Customer Is Always Right

♦ Keep It Simple

♦ Just In Time

♦ Don’t Sell The Farm

The Customer Is Always Right

Except When They Are Wrong.

We will never try to tell you what to say on your website, but we will advise you on how to say it!

Keep It Simple

The most difficult part of any website design too much complexity.

Bells and whistles might attract someone’s attention, but they will never be able to figure out exactly what you are trying to say.

Just In Time

Don’t launch your website until you are ready.   What’s the point in telling the world about your latest widget or gadget until its ready to ship.

Don’t Sell The Farm

A website should not be the most expensive part of your marketing strategy.

Save some money for traditional advertising like print,  business cards,  and signage.