Website Name

What Is In A Name?

Be Careful Of the Name You Choose
Be Careful Of the Name You Choose

Everything!   Be very careful of the name you choose.  Google will rank your site partially based upon it name.

The name should describe what you do, or be very easy to spell.

How About An Example?

Take our site name for example:

We Service Only the Canadian market (.ca)

It is easy to spell (only 4 letters) (zite)

It is a pun on what we do (site hosting)

Should I Use .Ca or .Com?

The best solution is to try and get both, that solve the problem neatly.

Both names can be made to point to the same site, or it’s really up to you to decide.

Is .Com better than .Ca?

That depends upon your market, and target reach.  In plain English, if you are only service the local market, you might be able to get a better name with a .CA extension than a .COM one.

If you are service the US market, then ONLY choose a .COM name, since Americans don’t even know what .CA is!