Website Design

What Do Tools Do You Use?

Good Design Is Very Important
Good Design Is Very Important

One Answer: Whatever works!

For smaller, DIY sites, pure HTML and CS3 which can be easily hosted anywhere.

For medium sized sites maintain by us, WordPress, themes and plugins from their library only.  WordPress powers about 20% of the internet.  It may not be the best, it may not be the fastest, but it simply works!

For e-Commerce sites, WordPress, woo-Commerce, and plugins usually do a very good job.

Can I Do It Myself?

Yes, if you want to, it’s your website.  We will setup the basic site structure  and content,  and you can maintain it, or make any changes your want to.

Do You Recommend Fancy Themes?

In a word, NO.  Don’t spend your money on eye candy, good content goes much further to getting the customer to make the call.

There are literally tons of free themes out there, pick on you like.

Most of our websites are powered by the standard WordPress 2016 theme.   You can customize this theme with background images, different menus, etc.

How Will My Site Look on a Tablet and a Phone?

Any website we design is guaranteed to look great no matter how the customer views it.

The standard WordPress theme 2016 is known as a responsive theme.

This ensures that, no matter what the screen size, all the information is presented in a clear and readable fashion.  No content is cut off or missed because the screen is too small.