Support Copper

What Is Copper Level Support?

Repairs Only When You Need Them
Repairs Only When You Need Them

Also known as Break-Fix support.  Any website we develop we will support.  We will never leave you “in the dark” wondering how you are going to get your website up and going again.

Just be aware of this:

♦ HTML Website Hosting only

♦ No email hosting

♦ No monthly fees

♦ Support Only when possible

♦ Questions and answers by email only

♦ Only first backup retained

♦ Only the smallest and simplest of websites.

What If I Maintain The Website Myself?

If you have a very simply HTML-based  5-Page company website, you don’t need to pay a lot for support.  There is only one thing to be aware of:  Any content that you change will be lost if we have to reinstall your website from a backup.

That’s because we only backup and retain the first copy of any website done with Copper level support.

Why Can’t I Get Email From My Domain?

I have a domain called  I would to receive email from but cannot, why is that?

The answer is simple, Copper level support does NOT include any e-mail services at all.  If you want to use, you must go with Bronze level support.