Idea Do

Simplicity Is Key

Delivered On Time And On Budget
Delivered On Time And On Budget

Once we know what you want, the website will be built exactly according to your specifications.

We make it a point NOT to publish any website content until it is approved by you, the customer.

Before that, we will email you a PDF screenshot of the content, as it will appear on the website.

You can either approve it, or make changes.  We will provide you with a Windows, or Mac application where you can make the changes right inside the PDF, at your leisure.

Once you are done, simply email the changes back to us and we will update your website accordingly.

Patience Is A Virtue

Before we do something, we listen.

Our objective is to completely meet your goals or problems.

Delivered On Time

The contract we have with you will specify exactly what the website will cost, and exactly what you will get for your money.  Not one penny more, guaranteed!

Delivered On Budget

You have the peace of mind knowing exactly when your website will be available.  No excuses will be provide for a late website delivery date, since none will be needed.